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Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World

The distinction between Israel and the world, Jew and non-Jew, is a very sensitive topic. I felt a need to present, with wisdom and love, a clear perception of Israel and her relationship with humanity. Based on the Torah and Kabbalistic teachings, Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World presents this topic from the pristine wellsprings of our ancient teachings. I believe that I have exposed a truth that no reader will find offensive.

Ultimately, the material presented here is a guide for each individual to find inner peace based on Kabbalistic models, which describe the inner life-force dynamics of every soul. The inner peace of the individual is the most effective catalyst for world peace.

Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of The World is a personal journey of healing and reconciliation using the paradigm of the seven archetypal exiles of Israel. These seven major archetypes are the basis of all seventy core-nations of the world. What Israel has experienced historically the individual soul experiences psychologically. An archetype is a symbol within the collective consciousness of humanity. The archetypes of exile represent the psychic aberrations that each of us experiences. Psychic aberrations are forms of blocked energies that manifest through thoughts, feelings and images. Based on Scriptural, Midrashic, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Chassidic sources, this book creates an imagery of Israel and the cultures of the world unfolding into a matrix of spiritual and psychological archetypes. Through writing, poetry, and painting, Nechama leads us through a process of reconciliation in which we confront, accept, and resolve our experiences of exile. Thus we reclaim our essence, return to the true pulse of life within, and discover the depth of inner peace that links us directly to the process of world peace and redemption.

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The Twelve Dimensions of Israel

The twelve tribes of Israel, rather than being a historical human artifact, are a vibrant living reality, expressed in the spiritual genealogy of the human soul. Their intricate relationship with humanity at large as well as the entire world of time and space expands into the concept of the twelve dimensions of Israel. This book is a personal journey through these dimensions, expressed through painitings, poems and literary prose.

This book is also a guide for tuning into the spiritual energy and avodah (inner work) of each month. The paradigm set forth in this book is a basis for spiritual healing and it has been taught to and applied by professional therapists.

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The Princess of Dan

The Princess of Dan is a book of a personal journey through painting, poetry and prose, of rebalancing my inner masculine and feminine energies. It is also a workbook offering practical exercises for healing.

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