What Happened at the SEO Summit 2015?

Coffee, great food, thought leadership… and more coffee. The SEO Summit 2015 which was held last June 20 was a huge success. The links to view the Powerpoint decks can be found in each speaker’s profile here, here and here. While the videos of each speaker will be available for download some time next year.

This is the second year of SEO Summit goodness. The place was packed but what I’m most happy about is the level of thought leadership that was brought to the table by my co-speakers and co-panelists.

You just can’t substitute the content of your conference with anything else.

We’re already planning for SEO summit 2016 and we’re very much looking into an even better speaker lineup for next year. We have 6 slots – 3 to discuss about SEO for those who are starting out and 3 to discuss more advanced SEO Stuff.

If you know anyone who you think should speak next year at the SEO Summit 2016, please fill up the survey form on the lower right section of the screen.

In any case, enjoy the video and we hope to see you next year at the SEO Summit 2016!

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