My SEO Deck and Presentation on Morcon 2013

If you’ve been wondering where I went since the last post published here in SEO Hacker, I didn’t pack up on a vacation. I was invited to a talk for SEO Organization Philippines’ SEO conference – Morcon 2013. Here’s where I share my slide deck with all of you.

Morcon is a yearly event wherein practicing and aspiring SEO specialists from all over the Philippines come together to meet-up, listen and speak. It’s an event where knowledge is freely shared and interactions abound. I’ve met a lot of new faces this Morcon 2013. Some of them were:

It was awesome getting to know new people and people I’ve only come in contact with online. There’s finally a personality to the face and voice of these people.

Sean Si on Morcon 2013

My talk was about 15 Important Lessons I Learned as an SEO Start-up. It’s a post I published here at SEO Hacker but I figured it would be awesome if I could act it out and share it live to the audience. I also told some stories there that I didn’t include in my article.

The questions that were asked after my talk was very interesting. Questions like:

1) “Have you ever fired a client?”

My answer to the first question is ‘yes I have’. There’s this one client that wasn’t able to pay up until 10 months and a demand letter later. It wasn’t a pretty sight and the negative cashflow almost killed SEO Hacker. We were a young company then and our cashflow was dependent on clients since we didn’t have any financial investors behind our business.

When that company wanted to renew with us, we refused. We didn’t sign another contract with them. So they got ‘fired’ in a sense.

2) “What did you do when you got to pitch against another SEO company 1/3 your bid price?”

I simply went to the prospective client and showed them the other SEO company’s website. Yes they were pitching an awesome price, (they were proposing a contract worth 20,000php per month) while my price was considered crazy (I was asking for 60,000php per month). But when the client took time to go through this other SEO company’s website and saw all the spam and bad practices, they realized that this is what’s most probably going to happen to their site too!

It’s common sense.

How well you take care of  your own site and branding is how you will most probably take care of a client’s website.

I showed them SEO Hacker’s services site. Then I showed them the sites we’ve done for some of our big clients. It’s all it took for the client to agree that they want the quality of work we do instead of going to for the cheap, ‘churn and burn’ (probably automated) SEO that the other SEO company was proposing.

60,000php a month didn’t seem so expensive after all.

3) “How do you post so much in your Facebook / Twitter?”

I use online tools. My latest favorite is Buffer. I signed up for a pro account and have been buffering awesome articles I come across with over the web up in my Buffer queue ever since. However Buffer has 2 limitations that I’d love for them to explore right now:

  • They are not able to post a buffered article in your Google Plus profile
  • They are not able to post a buffered article in your Facebook Groups

Other than that, it’s all suave.

2 Things that we Missed in the Event

1) Jason Acidre – ’nuff said.

2) All the other people who would’ve attended if he was there

Even so, it was all fun and good – especially the part when the speakers were exchanging tricks while downing drinks. I got a handful of great tips, tools and business ideas there.

Looking forward to Morcon next year. Hope to see you guys there!

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