Seminar: Boosting Relevant Online Traffic

I had the honor of being invited to speak in the Digital Media Marketing seminar today at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati. It was a privilege to talk as a guest speaker there about “Boosting Relevant Online Traffic through Search Engine Optimization”.

The crowd was intimate but intelligent – from CEOs, CIOs, IT managers, PR agents, etc. It was a nerve-wracking preparation for me as I conditioned my mind and emotions to be able to talk to such an audience. I had very little preparation due to the crazily busy schedule I had as of late. Thank God my Powerpoint Presentation was awesome thanks to Angie Reyes of SEO School.

I talked about the importance of traffic today. To brick and mortar businesses and to the web. I highlighted the growth and revenue of as a completely online business model. I talked about some of the little things that makes SEO tick. I also tackled good SEO vs bad SEO and why they should go with the good guys. After that, I talked a little about SEO Hacker, then we had the panel discussion.

Sean Si Panel Discussion

I had a lot of fun when I was up talking in front. My nervousness stopped when I held the microphone and started speaking. I usually end up that way. I guess I need to feel the microphone and the crowd to settle my nerves down.

After the talk, we had a very interesting panel discussion especially about mobile SMS spam. Globe (one of the event sponsors) was kind enough to shed light about SMS promotional opt-ins and their no spam policy.

Video clips of the event should come out soon. I plan to upload it here. Meanwhile I want to thank Goldcrest for the wonderful and successful event about digital marketing and for inviting me to be one of the speakers.

My next talk would be in November in London, UK and after that, there should be 2 more talks here in the Philippines before the year ends. I’ll keep you posted.

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