Summary of my Talk on iBlog8

iBlog8 is the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit wherein lots of bloggers from all over the Philippines gather in order to hear bloggers and internet marketers share their thoughts and experiences. It’s a gathering for socializing, thought-sharing, learning, and inspiration.

Video featured in and taken from: The New Media

Going to UP Diliman from Las Pinas isn’t really my thing. My talk was scheduled at 10am – which is the usual time that I wake up. So I got up 7am to tread the 2 long hours to travel to UP for the talk. Needless to say it was all well worth it.

There were a lot of bloggers who attended. The hall was packed. I got to see old friends and meet new ones.

Each speaker was supposed to have 15 minutes to talk as a maximum time allowance. I got so excited that I finished my 26 slides in 10 minuets. I never saw myself as a fast speaker. Maybe I just needed to put in some more meat in my slides instead of making it a 3-point presentation.

Though my talk was very short, I tried to make it fun and concise. I’m very glad I did. There were some very encouraging tweets and Orange Magazine’s blog entry about my ‘short and sweet’ talk which really made my day.

Ida torres Tweet

iConcept SEO tweet

Dea Tabs Tweet

White hat Copy Tweet

Team Meta PH Tweet

Randolph Novino TweetNica Mandigma Tweet

To all those who attended: Thank you very much! I sure hope to see you all again someday – perhaps in the next iBlog or some event much sooner than that!

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