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Israel and the World in Harmony - Instrumental harp music CD

'Israel and the World in Harmony' interweaves 22 songs, those of Israel with inspiring songs from other cultures. These tunes were arranged and performed by Nehcama in the Cardo Culineria, in the Old city of Jerusalem.

Samples to download:

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The Twelve Dimensions of Israel - instrumental harp cassette

For several years I explored the resources of the Torah concerning the twelve tribes of Israel and the corresponding facets of each dimension. Over a period of one full year, whenever possible I traveled to the land inheritance of the appropriate tribe which corresponded to the month of the Hebrew calendar. Each location has its special vibration which is especially enhanced during the corresponding time period. Thus I was able to tune into the musical essence of each dimension. This is what is expressed through these twelve instrumental harp melodies. Each piece has the potential to strengthen and heal a specific power of the soul expressed through a specific limb or organ of the body. A long fold out accompanies the tape explaining each piece.

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Medley of the Soul - instrumental harp cassette

These Jewish tunes were arranged and performed by Nechama Sarah Gila at the La Regence Grille in the King David Hotel, Jerusalem for a period of ten months. This is a 45 minute tape of over 30 tunes including Adon Olam, Lev Tahor, Am Yisrael Chai, Mizmor l’David.

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