Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners add a healthy touch of sweetness that is deliciously raw and unrefined. From Organic Coconut Sugar to rich Blue Agave Nectar and Vegetable Glycerin, Wildly Organic offers one of the country’s widest assortments of all-natural sweeteners from organic sources -- a perfect complement to all kinds of foods and recipes.

Organic Coconut Sugar

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Organic Coconut Syrup

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Coco Monkey | Organic 5-Cal Sweetener
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Coco Monkey | Organic 5-Cal Sweetener

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Organic Sesame Seed Oil

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Organic Agave Nectar | Raw

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Organic Inulin Powder | Prebiotic

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Natural Sweeteners | Wildly Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals

These minimally processed and unrefined natural organic sweeteners are a healthy alternative to refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. With a collection packed full of all-natural products ranging from organic coconut sugar and Coconut Syrup to plant-based Organic Inulin and our Certified Organic 5 calorie sweetener, Coco Monkey, Wildly Organic strives to bring our customers sweeteners that are minimally-processed to preserve their natural goodness.

A Variety of Organic Sweeteners For The Perfect Touch of All-Natural Sweetness

Made from Certified Organic coconuts, our Coconut Sugar is crafted from the sweet sap of coconut trees and is a good replacement for refined, white sugar. For a richer sweetness ideal for baking and desserts, our Organic Coconut Syrup has a buttery, caramel-like flavor that blends the wonderful sweetness of a natural organic sweetener with the benefits of our coconut products.

Made from blue agave imported from Mexico, our Organic Agave Nectar is an unrefined, natural sweetener created using only a simple filtration process, with no added enzymes or bacteria.

Crafted from our own range of natural organic sweeteners, Coco Monkey was one of the first organic, fat-free, low-calorie (only 5 calories!) sweeteners available in the U.S. Possessing a lightly sweet flavor reminiscent of cotton candy, without the tangy aftertaste of an artificial sweetener, Coco Monkey is an excellent replacement for anyone who has concerns about artificial sweeteners like Splenda®, Equal®, and Sweet ‘n Low®

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