An In-Depth Look at SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Nothing is more frustrating than when your team creates outstanding content, and nobody reads it. If you want the content to work in your favor, you need to make sure it ranks so it gets relevant readers right away. 

So if you are a blogger and want to win over your readers, if you run a business and need to outperform your competitors, or if you want to increase your revenue, you need to make sure that all the textual content produced by you or your team is optimized with SEO fundamentals and your chosen content strategy

That way, you can ensure your site ranks on the first page of Google Search and gets significantly more traffic. 

In a Content Marketing Institute survey, 88% of marketers reported that content marketing was successful in building brand awareness and credibility, 78% reached their goal of building loyalty with their clients and users, and 64% of marketers confirmed success in nurturing leads. 

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In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing a content optimization tool that can make your life easier: it’s a new roll-out by the SE Ranking team called the Content Marketing Platform

The Content Marketing Platform from SE Ranking is a time-saving tool for creating content to advance to the next level in marketing and business. It’s a simple-to-use, all-inclusive content marketing solution for SEO that covers a range of SEO factors stemming from content production efforts. Let’s check it out! 

Exploring SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform is a tool that takes your content to the next level. It saves time by helping your writers automate their work and provide your business and clients with exceptional marketing results. 

With the help of an AI algorithm, the tool analyzes all competitors’ content. So, in addition to keeping an eye on your rivals, you can create insightful briefs for your content marketers and copywriters and get suggestions on how to improve your messages from an SEO perspective. 

The Content Marketing Platform has two main tools: the Content Idea Finder and the Content Editor. With the help of these tools, you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through articles in search of relevant and up-to-date content ideas that will bring you thousands of readers. 

Features of SE Ranking’s Content Idea Finder

Let’s look closely at the Content Idea Finder. One of the fascinating things about this SE Ranking tool is that all you need to do is write down the desired topic. In a matter of seconds, you get keyword groups, which are accompanied by key SEO & PPC parameters such as search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and level of competition.

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Another valuable feature of this tool is that it allows you to find interesting topics for your readers and the most effective keywords, which search engines also take into account. 

Thanks to SE Ranking’s tool, you can get a list of the top 10 articles with the best performance in the SERP, according to the keyword in your cluster with the highest search volume.

If you still can’t pick the right keywords for your article, you can use a mind map to see a visual comparison of keywords ranked by difficulty and search volume. You can then transfer some keywords to the Content Editor to continue working on your piece of content.

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Features of SE Ranking’s Content Editor

To ensure that your future content is fully aligned with SEO requirements, you can create a comprehensive brief for your writers with the Content Editor. 

Setting up a brief

With the help of an automated AI-powered tool, the software analyzes the top-ranked content of your rivals. You can select the most relevant pieces from a list of competitor publications that is automatically provided according to the search intent and based on domain and page trust indicators, the total number of referring domains, word count, and the website’s visibility. 

Below is what it looks like.

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Then according to the list of articles, the tool suggests the length for your content, the number of used media elements, and other content parameters. 

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

SE Ranking’s AI algorithm also suggests terms and common expressions with the needed SEO information for you to use in your text. All these suggestions are data-driven, so you can boldly rely on them (unless, of course, you know better because of niche experience).

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Another part of setting the brief is the content structure. With SE Ranking’s Content Editor, you can see how your competitors build their texts and can then add their H1-H6 headings to your SEO technical assignment or use them as a reference and create your structure from scratch, and add the notes and comments with your copywriter. 

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

When the brief for your article is finally ready, you can share a link with your content team so your writers can collaborate on your project, even without logging into SE Ranking’s account. Another option is sharing your brief via email.

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

Editing an article

Using SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform, your writers can insert the Content Editor outline from your brief and start working on the text right there on the Platform, instead of Google Docs or Microsoft Word, as the tool has all the needed text formatting features. 

To make sure that the text is fully aligned with your brief and SEO requirements, the Content Marketing Platform checks all the content’s parameters and keywords, even as the team is creating the piece.

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review

The Content Editor also has its own  assessment of the quality of drafts. The program checks the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of texts. It also defines the stop-words and grades the piece’s overall readability score. So you can be sure that your article will be high quality and bring you the best possible results. 

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform: SEO Hacker Review


Even though SE Ranking released its Content Marketing Tool only three months ago, it has already been ranked by G2 as a niche product among the market’s Content Analytics Software, according to user reviews. To join those clients and assess the Module yourself, you can try SE Ranking’s SEO tool for free for 14 days and get two free content pieces with access to the Content Marketing Module.

Note: A paid SE Ranking account is needed to continue working with the Content Marketing Platform. You can get 15 articles per month for an additional $29, 30 articles for $49, or 120 content pieces for just $99.

Key takeaway

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform elevates your content to the highest possible standards. The Module analyzes competitors’ content in just minutes, and with the help of the AI algorithm, you can build a customized brief with all the needed SEO requirements and notes of your content team. 

Within the Content Marketing Platform, you can assess the quality of created texts and their SEO parameters, making sure that your content is also SEO-friendly. 

If you want to ensure that all of your content is appreciated by readers and search engines and effectively attracts traffic to your site, check out SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform.

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