The CRO Audit and How to Build a Winning CRO Strategy For E-Commerce

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Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the areas that businesses should look into if they want to continue empowering growth in their respective industries. A winning strategy starts with a well-formed audit from the CRO specialist that targets contingencies and issues that can come up in the pursuit of astounding conversions. An online presence will only be treated as a nice-to-have for your business if it does not serve any revenue-generating benefit.

With this, we have to look at the overall climate in business today. While it is unfortunate that some of the brands we have come to know and love have decided to close their doors because of the drastic effect that the pandemic enforced on their business, there is still hope in coping up with the new normal.

With most people staying home, retail stores can be seen at their twilight and e-commerce continues to drive the consumer industries as online payments have been proven to be the safest alternative to normal shopping trips. If you are planning on upgrading your site to reap the benefits that e-commerce can give for your business, it is imperative that you know the flow of CRO and its impressive effect on revenue.

Starting a Solid CRO Strategy

A CRO audit would require you to know your business to a tee. You need to be able to illustrate what your business can offer and come up with materials that will allow users to see that you are easily accessible to provide something of value to them. Usually, this can come in the form of one or more of the following:

  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • E-Books
  • Brand Bible
  • Other Downloadable Materials for Products/Services

Depending on the overall structure of your site and your direction with e-commerce, you can explore different options on offering these materials. You can create a pop-up that will allow a user to connect with you through promotions or other offers. The key to this is to make it worthy of attention but non-imposing so you have to insert an option for the user to opt-out of viewing the pop-up.

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Take a closer look at your buttons as well. This a subtle but essential part of User Experience (UX) that not a lot of CRO specialists take advantage of.

sticky header toyota

Aside from a pop-up, you can also create a sticky header on your site that offers information or a promotion that a user would surely not miss. At the end of the day, research will do you good. Research more about what your business can offer, what potential leads can use to close a deal with you, and know more about design principles that will make your CRO stand out.

CRO and SEO: Your Tools for E-Commerce Success

Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand. They may be alike in terms of the goal of making a positive impact on a website, but they serve separate purposes for it as well. With CRO, you should also look at your efforts the same way you scrutinize a site for SEO. Look at your site’s assets and its weak points as well. Illustrate its missing elements and plan how you can design your strategy from there.

With tools at your disposal, you can get to the root of your problem with leads and conversions right away. Qeryz is one of the most reliable tools that I use for CRO. With this, I can see what customers are saying about a business and what they expect out of it. You can also target semantic elements here since it can help you see the queries that they are looking for in relation to your site. With a customer survey tool, you can hear it straight from the customer what exactly they are looking for which saves you a lot of time in doing guessing games for market research.

If you are interested to explore Qeryz, you can look at its benefits here.

Another CRO tool that I can recommend is Inspectlet. For heatmaps or other movement indicators on the site, you can rely on this tool to detect user behavior as accurately as possible. With this, you can see session recordings of users; what pages they visited, those that increased their on-page time. You can see in real-time what products or services the users are looking at which can give way to more opportunities for your business to leverage the visibility that these products are gaining.

Having tools to help you with your CRO is a great help in determining what areas of UI and UX need more work. On top of the previously mentioned benefit, you can also see how user behavior plays in maintaining an e-commerce site. Coming up with a strategy for CRO will be an advantage for long-term returns.

Key Takeaway

The key to coming up with a powerful CRO audit is to know your site well. Study what its strengths are and what it can bring to the table. Your online visibility will be put to good use if you explore CRO as a viable strategy for digital marketing. In this age of resilience, this is an option that you shouldn’t dare miss. What are the tools you use for your own Conversion Rate Optimization practice? Comment them down below.

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