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So here’s the thing: I’ve been extremely busy as of late. But even so I’ve been trying to squeeze out each bit of brain juice I have left delivering you some great content marketing and site speed optimization stuffs here. I took a short break though and guess what I did?

Fixing Bite-Sized PPT Lessons

That’s right. We’re hustling everything in SEO School to fix the best Powerpoint lessons we can serve up. The best thing about it is, you can access them all for free!

Now I didn’t exactly do everything myself. I had 2 of our lovely ladies, (Angie and Shiro) help me out on the Powerpoint lessons. They did an awesome job.

So just to pique your interest, here’s a handpicked teaser PPT deck for you to check out:

Introduction to Links

The Powerpoint lessons in our SEO School lasts somewhere between 20 – 70 slides. It’s still bite-sized because of how the key points are arrayed and how the images back-up your memory retention rate of the lesson. Putting it up to 65%!

And you know what else?

We’re giving away 10 Pro accounts FREE for 1 year! (That’s $3600 worth of Pro accounts!) All you have to do is write in your blog why you want to get a Pro account in SEO Hacker School and share the URL of your post with us through our contact form.

It’s that easy. We’ll go through all the entries by November 30, 2013 and decide who the lucky winners will be.

If you need to know more about SEO Hacker School, we have a free subscription account – sign up here!

If that’s not enough to cheer you on, here’s another teaser PPT deck for you today:

Keyword Research

I’d love to put all of these out here in the SEO Hacker blog. But hey, we have to be able to pay our bills, eat 3 times a day, and keep the server running – and one way to do that is to share our easy, bite-sized, PowerPoint and video lessons for a measly $30 a month.

So why don’t you help us out – try our free subscription for a couple of weeks, or write why you’d love to get it for free!

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