Making SEO-Friendly Content With Marketing Miner

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO With Marketing Miner

You might have encountered the line “content is king” in many SEO blogs. Creating and optimizing your content for SEO is a reliable strategy to drive more website traffic. As you do so, you can also have more websites linking to your content as it provides valuable information to their visitors. 

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Google’s new Helpful Content Update just proves that the quality of content on your website is vital to how you will rank in the SERPs. To explain it in simpler terms, it has to be unique, relevant, and helpful for the readers. 

There are tools that can help optimize your content and make your website more SEO-friendly. Marketing Miner is a new tool that we have played with and it allows you to create different analyses on SEO factors. The audits you can make on the tool are completely customizable, so you can get findings relevant to your website goals.

If you’re working on creating and optimizing content for your website, you can use some of Marketing Miner’s features to jumpstart your efforts. 

Read on to know more about these features and how you can utilize them for your content.

Write Using Relevant Keywords

When you utilize keywords in well-written and optimized content, ranking for them won’t be as challenging. Of course, there are a handful of factors that come into play in search engine rankings, but it’s already been established how content is one of the most important to look out for. 

To help you understand what your visitors are looking for, you can check the search queries associated with your keywords. Marketing Miner has a property that looks at your related search data. You can see this under the Miners section found in the sidebar.

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO With Marketing Miner - Write Using Relevant Keywords

The results show what people are searching for along with your keywords. For example, one of the keywords we’re ranking for is seo services philippines and I found that people are also interested in information about SEO package prices, SEO training, digital marketing, and more.

Write Using Relevant Keywords - Related Search Results

If you see keywords in the related search results you haven’t used before, use them in your content. We build the authority of our website and establish our expertise over time and creating good content is a way to do this. 

It would also be helpful for your visitors to read more useful information relevant to the articles you already have.

Conduct A Content Gap Analysis

When it comes to content, you don’t want to talk about the same things repeatedly. There’s also a risk for your keywords to self-cannibalize when you do this. Cannibalization happens when you have a number of the same keywords spread throughout your website. This makes it harder for Google to identify which pages are prioritized. This means that the pages that are not as important to you might rank higher than the ones you want to rank for.

One way to know what to write about is to take a look at your competitors’ content. Marketing Miner has a Content Gap feature that shows you the keywords your competitors are ranking for but you are not. These are keyword opportunities that you can tap into to create new content for your website. Here’s what it looks like:

Content in SEO - Content Gap Analysis

I did this analysis for a client targeting the US market to look at which keywords their competitors are ranking for. As you can see from the image above, the tool shows the keywords our client is yet to rank for and how well the competitors are ranking for them. 

When you export the results, you will also see the pages where these keywords are utilized. 

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO With Marketing Miner - Conduct A Content Gap Analysis

This can help you learn more about your competitors’ content strategy. It is also a more competitive and straightforward approach that will help address what you’re lacking in terms of the information your visitors may want to see. 

One thing to take note of in profiling your website for content gap analysis is that the data Marketing Miner offers here is limited to five countries: USA, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

Marketing Miner Available Countries

While its other features are available in most countries, it’s a shame that such an interesting element is not available for websites in other parts of the world. This is something Marketing Miner can further improve on. 

SEO is a data-driven practice, so it would be beneficial to make the platform more accessible to businesses and SEO experts worldwide.

Replicate Your Top Performing Content

SEO involves continuous experimentation. A lot of the strategies my team and I implement in projects are from my decades of practical experience. This is why it’s important to monitor how well your content is doing.

You can see your website’s top-performing pages in Marketing Miner, the keyword they’re ranking for, and their respective positions in the SERPs. 

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO With Marketing Miner - Replicate Your Top Performing Content

Your top pages give you an idea of what types of content drive traffic to your website. In my example, you can see that our top pages are those that are informational and instructional in approach.

Google updates, SEO tools, and technical SEO explanations help readers know more about the trends and events in the SEO world. This is why I continuously write blogs that share valuable SEO advice and experiences with both experts and beginners in the industry. 

Check Your Most Shared Content

There is another way to track the type of content people like to see on your website – that is by looking at your social shares. 

First of all, you have to make your content accessible to and visible on social media. More than 4 billion people use social media as of 2022. And although SEO is more focused on search engines, social media also hold value when it comes to your SEO performance.

Social media shares send signals to boost your website’s authority and branding. They may not directly affect your rankings, but they can bring a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

When people share your content on social media platforms, it can be an indicator that they find your content interesting and worth sharing. Marketing Miner can show your most shared content on social media.

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO With Marketing Miner - Check Your Most Shared Content

The feature gives an overview of how many shares your articles garnered on social networks. An issue I found here is that it only analyzes data from three platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. 

There are more social media platforms that are also relevant today like Twitter and LinkedIn which I think should be explored more by the tool. Nonetheless, Marketing Miner is a good start to keeping track of your social signals.

Key Takeaway

Knowing how to optimize your content for SEO is a good skill to develop as a marketer. Quality content is an important ranking factor in SEO since relevance and usefulness are things that Google rewards you for.

With that in mind, creating and continuously optimizing what you publish on your website should be a priority. This is not always easy when you lack the tools and resources to do so. Even thinking of what to put out can be daunting – it’s either there are too many or too little options to choose from.

Marketing Miner offers features that can make this process easier for you. There are different aspects of your website that can help you create SEO-friendly content that guarantees traffic. These are also the types of content that improve the user experience as well as boost your authority as you give valuable information to your visitors.

Want to try out Marketing Miner for yourself? Analyze a keyword, a domain, or a URL below.

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